The Guide is copyrighted to the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) 2016 with Denise Sanger and Catharine Parker as primary authors.

We greatly appreciate the collaboration and insight provided by Elizabeth Vernon Bell (S.C. Sea Grant Consortium), Julie Binz (SCDNR), and Kim Counts Morganello (Clemson Extension).

The Guide was developed in partnership by the SCDNR and the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium in support of the From Seeds to Shoreline (S2S) program. S2S is a youth initiative which actively engages students in wetland restoration and was initiated in 2011 by the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium, SCDNR, and Clemson Extension. Numerous S2S teachers and S2S partners have participated since its inception and provided ideas as well as reviewed the content to which we are extremely grateful.

We are grateful to Queen Quet and A. Fred Holland for providing some text and to Dawn Witherington (Drawn by Dawn) for developing the Spartina stem graphics, and to our former colleague Dany Burgess who helped in the planning. Most of the images in the guide were provided by SCDNR. Additional images were provided by other contributors and are identified in association with the image and listed specifically below. We appreciate their willingness to share them. Many of the fish and invertebrate images are also available online at the Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center website. We would also like to recognize the various authors of previous SCDNR publications which we drew from in the development of this guide.

Image Acknowledgements

Most of the photographs were provided by staff from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Additional images and diagrams were provided by:

  • Dawn Witherington: p. 12, p. 20
  • Elizabeth Vernon Bell (SCSGC): p. 8 (Fall)
  • Jessica Elmore (SCDNR): salt marsh-tidal creek cross section diagram
  • Nikki Dix (Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve): p. 10 (Marsh platform), p. 44 (left Saltwort)
  • Queen Quet: p. 26
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service, NWI: p. 3 (data source for map)

Copyright Information

This website was constructed based on the Guide to the Salt Marshes and Tidal Creeks of the Southeasatern United States Copyright © South Carolina Department of Natural Resources 2016. All rights reserved.

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